The Secret

The Secret

Nov 7, 2016, 1:58:03 PM Life and Styles

The secret to finding your partner, a new career, or a new best friend lies beyond the screen in pivotal transition moments. “Find time to casually explore, follow our whims, or think big, this capacity is a major competitive advantage in the era of constant connectivity” says Scott Belsky. Value the power of serendipity and we become aware of our true selves. “When you tune in to the moment, you begin to recognize the world around you and the true potential of your own mind” Scott adds.The daily opportunities to explore, learn, think, imagine, create, and flirt are in these transitions. Let’s explore!

The truth is many of us (myself included) often times are insecure, looking for reassurance, or desiring an external form of validation in our lives. I see it time and time again when I walk on a high school campus for work. How many times do we use a smartphone as a crutch? How many times do we act like we’re engulfed in our devices to avoid a stranger. Or how many times are we walking with our devices for a fear of being awkward? How many times because we’re uncomfortable in a situation? I can think of countless times when I was out with friends at a dance club and my buddies went to the bathroom. As I was standing there all alone, I pulled out my “friend” and instantly became safe. 

Published by Freddie Silveria

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