Important Life Lessons I Wish I've Learned Last Year

Important Life Lessons I Wish I've Learned Last Year

Turning a year older can signify many different things in each one of us. The great thing about life is we all have stories of our own, and in each adventures, lies our own little show in which we are the 
starring cast. And because we are the main character of our own life, we choose how we live. Unfortunately, sometimes we overdo it and eventually stumble from a mistake or two. 

I just turned 21 years old last September 10 and it's a great feeling to be able to say that I've been in this world for more than two decades. (Plus one, lol) I've reflected on a lot of things and thought why not share the important life lessons I've learned from not only my experiences but from other people as well. And maybe, just maybe I'll be able to avoid all the troubles I've encountered these past years.

Here are the life lessons I wish I knew and learned before so that I could have done something in my life...(Plus, wish you could also learn from these, too)

Don't Excuse Your Way To Your Goals
I have done this a couple of times. Before I started blogging and shooting videos for Youtube, I would always say to myself that I will start once I've bought a grand camera, fast laptop and good lighting. But you know what? These are just my excuses not to do it because I was too lazy to woman up and instead I just wished for it by not doing something about it. And now, I'm so happy that I started with my Asus Zenfone 5 and our home computer because at least I'm already one step ahead from where I was before. So guys, your goals may seem far away now, but once you start to work hard and have determination to reach it, I promise it will be worth your time.

There's only one Flash in the universe, and he is not you. 
Now going back to my life lesson #1 which is about excuses, this is also part of our excuses sometimes. Nah, we don't want to exercise because we're not losing weight after one week. Too tired to go to school because I still have four to five years left. And so on and so on. Boy, we were so in rush with things that we sometimes forget that success do take time. Be patient and just do your thing. Eventually, you'll get there. And once you do, it will be the greatest moment and achievement in your life. (At least that's what I think it will be since I'm still getting there)

Shape negativity into beauty. 
I have encountered tons of hate and negativity in my 21 years. And I think everyone can relate to this. Not everyone will be pleased at you. Some people will turn your bright moments into storm. BUT, don't fret, relax. "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." Right? Do not be swayed by hate and at the same time, do not fill your heart with vengeance and all the things that will make you feel bad. Instead, just wait for karma to hit them back. Plus, be a better person by focusing on the things that will make your life better. 

Always think before you act because one wrong move can cost you big. 
There will be times that we just act spontaneously and fast. At times, it will turn into a memorable experience. However, in my experience, spontaneous and rash decisions can turn into a nightmare you can't get rid of. So just to be safe, it doesn't hurt to just think before you act. Weigh down the pros and cons of what you're going to do before actually doing it. Just remember: actions do speak loud and when you do something that will turn out bad, it can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Don't let the scare of first impressions stop you from socializing. Remember: first impressions only last long if the person don't get to know you. 
Okay, so I have not mastered the art of socializing yet. If you introduce yourself to me, I will probably just smile at you. But you know what? I realized that I have nothing to be scared of. Having a conversation with someone I barely know can be fun. (but do watch out cause some people might mean you harm) I met some people lately, and I enjoyed getting to know them. Turning acquaintances into friends can be horrid for me before since I'm really awkward to strangers but now I feel like I'm getting better in carrying conversations especially with people who have same interests. Be young and meet people, have mind soothing conversations with them and don't ever carry the burden of first impressions because there's more to a person than just outside appearances.

Give time to people who would do the same for you.
Don't ever waste your precious time for others who just take you for granted. Each one of us is special in our own way and nobody has the privilege to use you because they're bored or treat you less than how you care for them. I've seen a lot of people endure this, I've also been a victim of it. Learn to say "it stops now" and start to exclude them from your life. There will be people who will stick out for you, listen to your problems and appreciate you. They're just like gems, rare to find but worth it.

And lastly,

The life you have is your own, live it the way you want it.
No matter what people say to you or how they hate what you're doing, as long as you know for yourself that it's right and you want it, just go for it. After all, we all have our own lives and we're the ones who control it, don't let others dictate it for you. Be your own.

There will be a lot more life lessons since I'm still young, but these are important and relevant for me. And I'm looking forward to knowing more soon. 

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Sep 19, 2016, 4:11:08 PM

Very well put Fristine! :)

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