Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation Review

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation Review

Aug 18, 2016, 5:21:14 PM Life and Styles

I'm so freaking tired of my oily skin. I'm not even kidding. My face gets oily even after I wash my face. As such, I need products that can effectively mattify my skin so that I would not worry about looking haggard all day long. This is where Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation comes in. I actually did not buy this, my sister gave it to me since she doesn't use it anymore. She bought this a long time ago so I don't know if this is still available here in the Philippines. It was not available the last time I checked at department stores BUT you can still browse it at the Maybelline website. (Here's the link: Anyway, I tested it out. It has a promising product description from Maybelline. I also searched reviews on this and most of them testified that this is a great product. And before long, here I am posting my own review.






The packaging is real classy. I love it! The product is encased in a small glass jar (Idk how it's called). Moreover, It's travel friendly because it can fit snugly at your make up pouch. Although, you should be careful because it might break if it falls really hard.

You'll see and feel a clump, creamy powder foundation inside. For me, it feels like in between powder and liquid foundation. It's super creamy and soft that it actually feels nice on the skin. I have mine in the color of light classic ivory. I know that Maybelline offers wide range of colors so be sure to check it out.

This is how it looks at my skin. When you put it on, it'll clump a little because of its powder-ish texture. It's very easy to blend since it's sooo SOFT. It feels really nice on the skin.

Maybelline Product Description:
Since I don't have the box, I'll just copy what's on the website.
Stay matte for 16 hours with this lightweight, medium-to-full coverage formula. Features a shine-free finish that doesn't feel heavy.


The product offers medium to perfect coverage. As you can see, it did mattified my skin. Plus, it removed my blemishes including my extreme under eye circles. Moreover, my skin did brightened and it looked fresh. You don't need any pressed or translucent powder to finish your look since it's already matte. I'm sorry though since I forgot to snap a time photo for you guys to see how long it lasts. Based on my experience, mine lasted for at least 3-4 hours since I have extreme case of oily skin. It did not last for 16 hours as said in the product description.

This is how you apply it:

Just swipe it through your face and then blend it using your fingers, brush or beauty blender. I personally recommend for you to just use a brush since I'm lazy and brushes can blend products faster in my opinion. Warning: Do not use a loooot since your face will look super white.


I loooove this product because it does mattify my skin plus it has a classy packaging. I remembered that this costs for about 350-450 pesos (I'm not sure though). My only negative comment about this is my skin started to get oily after about 3-4 hours. But overall, if I see this available I would still buy it.

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