MeNow True lips Lip Liner Pencil with swatches Review

MeNow True lips Lip Liner Pencil with swatches Review

Aug 18, 2016, 5:15:11 PM Life and Styles

OMG guys I discovered an online "divisoria" shop which is If you live here in the Philippines, I'm 70% sure that you've heard about Divisoria. It's a place where items cost less than what we see at malls. Plus, you can haggle prices too. BUT here in Shopee, you won't be able to haggle prices (I think). Not that you'll want to since almost all the items I see there are so cheap already. Anyway, be sure to check the site guys because you'll see a lot of stuff in there. However, since it's online, it's pretty hard to trust fully on the sellers. My tip is check the ratings and comments before purchasing the product you like. AND for the safety of your money, choose Cash on Delivery option. Although not all items are applicable for this option.

ANYWAY, I'll share one of my purchases (since I bought quite a few and I'll post about the others too) which is the MeNow True Lips Lip Liner box. It consists of 12 lip liners for only 150 pesos! So basically one lip liner costs like 12.50 pesos only.

A brief background of what I know about the MeNow brand is it's made in China. They're known for their amazing kissproof lipsticks and it's very affordable. I read that it follows US regulations in cosmetics in one description at shopee. (For more information check their site: However, if you guys have sensitive skin and are scared to try this then don't. I don't know if this is completely safe so try this at your own risk. I'm merely reviewing my experience in this product.



This product has a LOOOONG list of ingredients that I don't know about. So again, I'm not sure if this is safe so try at your own risk. Another thing, if you guys know anything harmful in the list just comment down below so we'll know.

Here are the 12 lip liners. As you can see, it has a girly look in it. Moreover, you'll never guess that this product only costs 150 pesos for all pencils because it actually has a neat look. In addition, the cap fits snugly so you will not be worried if you put this in your bag. I have no problems regarding its packaging.

Product Desciption:
Provides exceptional lip make-up results. Gives a steady stroke to develop neatly-outlined lips. 
Waterproof, multi-vitamin, and enriched with aloe vera.


Swatches: #60 at the top to #46 at the bottom
Colors are: #60, #59, #58, #57, #56, #55, #54, #53, #52, #51, #50 and #46
The colors are by numbers:



All lipliners are pigmented which I'm surprised about since it's so cheap. But, some lip liners are less pigmented than the others especially the light ones so it's harder to apply. Moreover, the liners are not that soft so after all the swatches my lips hurt a little. I did use this yesterday and it did not hurt. So my tip to you guys is don't use this more than once a day because chances are it'll hurt. In addition, some of the colors don't match the shades they're supposed to be like for #55 which is supposed to look like dark violet, turned out blazing red. It is also not waterproof unlike what the brand claims. You can easily remove it from your lips. There are also good comments about this product. The first thing is it lasts long. I wore this yesterday and it did not fade the whole day even though it's not waterproof. Moreover, it's light on the lips like you're not wearing any lippie.

In summary,

What I like:
- It's very cheap
- It's pigmented
- It lasts long
- Light on the lips

What I don't like
- It's not that soft
- the colors are not consistent
- It's not waterproof
- Not sure if it's safe

You can't expect so much from super cheap products. However, I'm starting to like MeNow products because they perform well for the price we pay. Hopefully, this product will not cause any harm in the future.

If you guys still decide to buy this, I strongly recommend this seller. She is very approachable. You can talk to her and confirm your product. I had a hassle-free transaction with this seller. I'll put the link down below:

Link of Scarlet General Merchandise shop:

Buy MeNow True Lips Lip Liner here:

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