The best mobile apps for movie lovers: favorite movies, premieres

The best mobile apps for movie lovers: favorite movies, premieres

Sep 8, 2021, 4:30:02 AM News

Keeping track of all the movies you watch can be a real mess. And not only that, but you also have to take into account that you have to know in which cinema to see them, what days there are tickets at reduced prices, be aware of the latest releases, meet the actors and a long etcetera. Don't panic, mobile apps come to the rescue.

As having controlled everything already mentioned and much more can be somewhat tedious, here we share a series of applications for Android and iOS phones that you cannot miss as a good movie buff that you are.


Cinematics: The Movie Guide is an application for Android that allows you to keep track of movies or actors, view ratings, read synopsis, etc. It's free and the creators keep it constantly updated.

The 'app' has different sections in which you can see the films that are currently on the billboard, which are the most viewed, what is going to hit theaters soon, which feature films have the best ratings and which films are going to come out on DVD or they just came out.

In addition, you can save a list of favorite movies and others that you want to see, so as not to lose the thread. Cinematics offers scores from pages such as Rotten Tomatoes, metacritic or IMDb, as well as user opinions. You can also search by categories, watch trailers or find recommended movies.

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We have already talked to you about IMDb Cinema and TV sometime, specifically when we talk about applications for seriélifos , but it is an 'app' that offers such a lot of information and so good, that it should not be overlooked. It's free and available for Android and iOS.

IMDb is possibly the website about movies, series, actors, and similar content, with the most traffic worldwide, so it is full of information of all kinds and it will be strange that you will not find what you are looking for.

It allows you to select movies as favorites, rate them, find out more information about the cast and crew, read reviews, watch related videos and trailers, be aware of the curiosities of the content in question, read news, among others.


Sensacine became popular for the information it provides on billboard premieres and it is very useful to keep abreast of news , trailers, information related to feature films, etc. It is a very complete application so as not to lose details of anything related to the cinema.

Sensacine has a record of the closest cinemas thanks to GPS, as well as the billboard and the sessions in each one - once you decide what to see, you can add an event to the mobile calendar to keep it under control. There are reviews of all feature films, information on the actors, news related to the cinema in real time (they arrive by notification) and a long list of ideal content for moviegoers.


RunPee is a curious application and different from the rest of this compilation. Do you drink a lot when you are at the cinema or watching a movie at home with your friends / family? Do you tend to need to go to the bathroom but never know when? RunPee is the solution.

It is an 'app' that alerts you to the ideal time to get up and go to the bathroom while the film continues to broadcast , so that really key or important scenes in the story are not missed.

The application warns by means of an alarm and offers a summary of what one has missed on the getaway . Another interesting function is that it indicates if the movie you are watching has extra content at the end of the credit titles.


TodoMovies 4 is an exclusive application for iOS that allows you to manage and discover movies, being able to access a large library of titles classified by genre to find new things to see. It also shows what's on the bill and what's coming soon.

The 'app' allows you to carry out thematic searches, as well as having a list of movies to watch and those that have already been seen. It includes information about the cast, related movies, news from the world of cinema, the possibility of seeing trailers or photographs of the filming / 'fan arts'. Send notifications automatically so you don't miss the premiere of the 'films' you are interested in.


 If you are a swashbuckling movie buff, the best thing you can do is hire a rate to watch streaming content. Netflix, HBO, Wuaki TV, Movistar + In Spain there are several programs that adapt to your tastes and your budget, in addition to the fact that, in some of them, you can get together with several friends to use a common account with several users and have it a ridiculous monthly price.

With them you can make viewings from the computer or from your Smart TV, for example, and then continue them with the mobile (or vice versa). In addition , its content is totally legal , so you will not fall into audiovisual piracy.

You may not find a particular movie, although you can always combine more than one service to expand, but the catalog they offer is quite large and everything is very simple and convenient to use, something that will not waste your valuable time searching the Internet when you could spend it to see something else.

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