United - 12.28.2016

He was noble and wise.

His hands could heal the world.

His eyes could penetrate a person’s soul.

His greatness, lovingly infected the sounds of the universe.


She was enigmatic; a visionary.

Her heart pure and deep like the ocean,

She harnessed an intuitive knowingness that could bridge heaven and earth.

A seer of all that was good, she held inside her the secrets of the cosmos.


Separated by an ocean in their unique differences,

They learned to dance to the beat of their own drums.

Yet, it was when they finally came together that the real magic happened.

As each of their gifts held different colors of the rainbow.


And when these gifts were finally united,

It was their love that transcended

The greatest illusion of all:

The illusion of time and space.



by: Gabriela Galez

via www.gabbyluvwonderland.com

Published by Gabriela Galez Diaz


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