Having a strange mind | "now-a-day" things.

I decided to make this "now-a-days" thing theme for some of my articles I will be talking about "now-a-day" things and my opinion on them, here is one of them on relationships & more. 

So me as a 15 year old, I like to think I have a different mind from others sometimes I think to myself, "Why doesn't anyone else think this way". Sometimes I think my mind is far from this generation, I think about different things the average teenager may not think about. I think about conservation, I think about love as in how they used to love back in the day: Dates, flowers, picnics. I think how can I put that into my everyday life, I think about the different kinds of art, the way one may use their hand to paint. I think about the leafs flowing in the wind and how affection is shown from one person to another.

I think a lot of people should at least hear and see what I have to say and what I think about. I like to sit down and take time to think about everything. Now I will be talking about love.

Relationships are not how they used to be, maybe in some ways they are but not all the way. I think a lot of us are influenced by the things we see and hear. Like the music from now, which I think a lot of it isn't good a lot of the music now, Just talks about, sex, drugs, hooking up with girls or guys and all that stuff, It's also horrible considering its not hard to find a little 5 year old who says bad words. Kids now will never grow up to be gentlemen, or women. We also get influenced by what we see. But Like I was saying, now-a-days when you are in a relationship with someone, It's never go on a date first, talk and hang out, now it's "Come to my place!" I also see that a lot of the asking out isn't the same. 

Back then they would ask a girl out to dinner then from there see if on the second or third date you will become girlfriend and boyfriend. But now, all you need to do is go up to the girl and say, "You got facebook, or kik?" I think that's terrible, where are the gentlemen out there? 

I made a letter to my future husband on my personal blog: www.deepinmyworld.wordpress.com Which is what my next article will be. 



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