Loving through it all: Letter to my future child.

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I will be making a second part to this letter here's the original post: 

Dear Future, Son/Daughter

I am your mother, at this point in time not so much I am only 15 years old right now, It’s weird right, people might think i’m crazy for even making this letter in the first place I mean why am I thinking about this? Honestly doesn’t matter. I wanted to make this, so I am. I am Gabriela your future mom, I may not be the best but I will forever try to make sure you think I am the best mom ever! I promise I love you, through the hard times and through the easy times, I may not always agree with what you want or what you say, but that never makes me love you less, I promise to try and be there whenever you need me, Never hesitate to ask for me, for help, for love or for comfort. I know what it feels like to sit in my room all alone and cry. Cry till’ I no longer can. But, I don’t want that to happen to you, my love. Never feel alone never let yourself think you have no one to talk to I am always there for you. No matter what the situation may be, call me anything. Read this to me and let me remember how much you meant to me before I even knew you.

I promise to try and make your childhood an amazing one, I want to travel with you see the world with you and discover things. I will support you with all that you do. If it’s good, remember I am your mother. If you are my son, I promise this to myself, I’ll make sure you have amazing long hair, and if you are my daughter I promise to do the same.

I am not perfect, But I will always be there for you.

Love, Mom.

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