Perfection at it's worst: Letter to my future husband

Letter to my future husband from my personal blog:

Perfection at its worst: 

I love to see people being very confident about themselves, It makes me happy. Sometimes I wish I could do the same, I am not perfect. Sometimes I am not one of those people.

Dear Future Husband,

I’m Gabriela, and I am no where near perfect, But I promise to take care of you, and love you at your worst days, I will be there with you on your best days, I want to travel the world with you, Paris, Italy, Australia, Lets go everywhere. I will love your smile every single day, and I will wipe away any tears that may be in site. I can’t wait for the mornings where we are in our dream home, having breakfast, before we head of to our careers. I want to be successful with you, and I will be there for you when you don’t have to good “business days” I will treat you right because no one else did, I will rub my fingers through your hair as we talk about the moon, and stars, and even our own future. Like i said before I am not a perfect girl, I have my flaws and that is something I want you to know, I have scars all over me, from different times. Some came naturally and I can’t get rid of, which is something I’m afraid you will not like or love. I don’t look like a queen while waking up in the morning. Sometimes I am not easy to handle whether that be on my bad days, or when I am just being annoying. I will be that annoying girlfriend, where I will bother you, and love you all at the same time. I will make sure to take money out of my paycheck to give you an amazing day filled with love, joy and fun. I will be there for you when no one else is, I will be a daredevil and do things people couldn’t imagine. Let’s be that couple that people look at us and think “Wow they are still together?” Hate can’t bring us apart. I want to have a family with you, and even though we might not for a long time I still consider animals, family, they can be our baby. ( I love animals to the extreme! ) I also want you to support me and I will support you in all that we chose and do, even though sometimes that may be hard. I hope you support me when I come home smelling like animals because I’ve been working with exotic animals all day, but then after a long day at work, we will be able to cuddle up watch movies, dance, sing and be ourselves. We can play video games, and I will beat you every time, hopefully. 

And oh man, honey, I know there will be tough time but I hope we get through those times and look up, never down, we will be there for each other. I will be there forever and always. Your imperfections are perfect to me.

I will be waiting for the day to say “I do” For the day we both look up, and then to each others eyes, I yet don’t know who you are, or what we will face, or how our life will be, But I promise to hold you, even if it’s by a single thread, I hope we have those “dream life” We hope for, sometimes it seems like a movie. “Sometimes perfect lives are just in movies” I say NO! Let’s not say that, because we can get through it, I can’t wait for the night we stay up talking about things we both think. I promise to stay up, talk to you, be there for you & never look back, we will make this happen. I am Gabby, writing to you at 15, I will sure have more to say when I am older but for right now, this is all you should now. Sometime later we will experience more then this letter has told you, Honey I am not perfect, and neither are you, but in my eyes, I’ll always say I do. 

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