Symbolically Adopt an Elephant?

Symbolically Adopt an Elephant?

Jun 24, 2016, 1:08:48 PM News

Recently the World Wildlife Foundation had posted about Symbolically adopting an Elephant, as you may know Elephants are in great danger and WWF is helping to stop that and to get help from others to save and protect the elephants and a great way to do that is by adopting one. Now How can you adopt an elephant. 

You can make a monthly commitment and help save the elephants, the WWF is always a great way to go when helping Wildlife. By making the commitment by paying at least $8 a month you can adopt an elephant. If you were to do that they would gladly give you something in return as stated in their article once you make the commitment you will be receiving an Elephant adoption kit.  

In the kit you will receive, a plush, tote, certificate, species info card, and photo.

Help save and protect wildlife, all wildlife go to: To learn more on ways you can help and even to see how the WWF is helping. Adopting an Elephant is a great thing, and you can encourage others to do the same, If we all serve to protect, Wildlife will be saved, But we need everyone to listen and make sure to help. 

Published by Gabriela Montanez

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