Tiny Homes are Amazing!

Tiny Homes are Amazing!

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Tiny Homes are great places to live and some people don't seem to know that, a 200 square foot home can be amazing, even what I call  a "Tiny Big Home" Is also amazing 500-600 square feet. These homes are great for going places, or even being able to have a lot of land, A Great show to watch to check out tiny homes is: Tiny House Hunters, As well as any Tiny home show. 

There are even Tiny homes on Wheels, great for couples who travel or even just one person, All tiny homes are great for couples, one person, or even a small family. If you make the commitment to down-size and go tiny, it's really great, make that home your own. Here is a tiny house on wheels: 

Tiny homes are even great because most of them are not as expensive as: $100,000 they are around, $20,000-30,000 maybe even less! Then a lot of the time you won't have to pay mortgage. Tiny homes are a big commitment but its a great choice. Here are some more pictures: 

Tiny homes are also great because a lot of them have an amazing feel, with amazing property and land, you could purchase a Tiny home and huge land, then all that space could be amazing, Have your own private section as well.

Tiny homes are great go check them out and see more about them, They are perfect, on wheels as well to go places with your own home. Its perfect to go around and have everything you need all in your home.  Here check out these pictures of Tiny Homes:

Until next time, I am Gabriela Montanez If you would like more information on Tiny homes leave a comment below, Until then see you next time thanks for reading! 


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