Why Being Different is Awesome!

Why Being Different is Awesome!

Jul 25, 2016, 2:00:19 PM Life and Styles

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Being different is awesome, Having or doing crazy things is also awesome, Doing anything you love to do, or doing things you love doing is, amazing. I say this because I realize there is a lot of judging in the world. I mean when is there not? Yes true, it’s always been a thing, even if people tell others to not judge everyone does it. Sadly.

We shouldn’t be judging I guess it’s okay in some cases, but to the point where someone is being made fun of, for their clothes, hair, home, anything they own. Is just not okay. Judging is really just being immature you really making fun of someone, when you might not even know their story, walk in their footsteps and you might not want to be judged either it’s that simple. But no one seems to see that. Be yourself. No one else on this planet is you. No one can be you, look like you or anything no matter how hard they may or may not try. But today I am writing this to let people know it’s not okay to judge others. It’s never a good thing. Don’t do it.

Why? Well, It’s simple being who you are, crazy, funny, weird. Whatever it may be is amazing because you are being you.

Lots of people may think different things about you, but that should never change who you truly are inside. Never. If you have a passion a good passion, go after it and let no one tell you otherwise, there can be tons of things people are saying whether it be about you or something you want or anything.

So why is different awesome? Because, no one else on earth is you, how cool is that? Well you might not think it is but always remember, who you are take time to find yourself, remember the things you love are awesome, that’s why being different is better then being or trying to be like everyone else, you like what you like you love what you love and that is amazing, make sure to love who you are each and every day and never forget to.

Let others know how amazing they are as well, spread good not bad.

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