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Why I love Wrestling: My life: 

“Wrestling is a way of life”  

Hello, I decided to make this post because I love letting people know what I love and why I love it. I love wrestling. Truly and deeply I do. I have been in love with watching wrestling since I was 3 years old, I watched it with my father in our home in Puerto Rico. I grew up watching WWF at the time now known as WWE, seeing the attitude era, and seeing my favorite and idol show up on the screen every time. The Undertaker. I grew up in a family full of wrestling fans. It runs in our blood. All of my family loves and watches wrestling, It’s amazing.

My favorite wrestler will forever and always be, Undertaker. I loved the way he wrestled and how his character was. The dead man. I loved the chills I got listening to his theme song, and which I still get those chills. I love everything about him, and I still do. He has been wrestling since the 90’s and in my mind I always thought I was never going to see him, let alone actually going to a wrestling event. Everything changed.

I watched wrestling In Puerto Rico till’ I was six years old, then I moved to where I live now, In PA. Ever since moving to where I am now I wasn’t able to watch wrestling since I was little it all kind-of left my mind, Not fully because It was always something I thought about, But my family we moved with wasn’t watching wrestling at the time. I would think about it and remember the moves and the wrestlers but I was never able to watch it. All changed in the year 2013.

I was 12 years old when my cousin started to watch wrestling again, She and my uncle would start watching it and that is when i realized and remembered everything I loved about it, I became so happy and started watching wrestling with her. That was the year I went back to Puerto Rico for my brothers wedding, shortly after was Wrestlemania which I was happy to watch. But then as the year passes she goes to college and I wasn’t able to keep up watching.

But Then everything, absolutely everything took a turn in January 2015. My mom was telling me how she saw something on the news about John Cena and Triple H, I got interested and wanted to watch the show to see what she was talking about. I saw it, and instead of just watching that one part I saw the entire show, and Loved it. After that day there was never a time i stopped or looked back, every Monday I saw RAW, every Thursday I saw Smackdown, and every time there was a paper-view I watched it, because in a month I got the WWE Network, and from there my life was complete.

Now it is June/July 2016, and to this day I watch wrestling, more then ever, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, whenever there is a paper-view and on the Network, its my life and I love it.

But, In May 2015 my dreams became reality.

My brother surprised me with tickets to Smackdown, May, 26 2015 I couldn’t believe it, It was the most amazing day and the best day of my life, I started getting so much things of WWE, I even got an Autograph that day. My then, its where it all began, August, 23rd 2015 I went to my first paper-view Summerslam, that day my life was complete. I met the Undertaker, Is saw my life, my idol, everything right in front of me, I saw so many wrestlers. Then, April 23rd 2016 I went to a wrestling event at school, and Met, Matt and Jeff Hardy got a picture and their autograph & met Mick Foley got his autograph as well. It was  an amazing day, and I can’t wait till the next time i got to a wrestling event.

Dreams really do come true, Just never stop believing or dreaming.

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