Why I miss the 80s and 90s: Bring it back!


How crazy am I to say "I miss the 80s and 90s? Even the 50s, besides all the terrible things that happened during those times, I hope not to crazy, But I really do. Here are the reasons why: 

I miss the trends, and The way fashion used to be, Now In no way am I saying I dislike the fashion now, because  a lot of the time I'd prefer it, But What I mean Is the style, It was more out-going, more colorful, and fun. I miss that, I like our clothes now, but some of the fashion and trends I miss. It's crazy right? Some people now would be like, "Ew, The clothes then was terrible" Silly you, It was very expressive, and amazing. Yeah, half the time they didn't match but still, I miss it. 

Another thing I miss, The Music oh my... This is a big one, a lot of the music back then was way better, Move out the way "Trap music", dubstep or anything else. Sure I love music now, some pop and all, But a lot of the rap, and pop, and all the music back then wasn't all just about, sex, drugs, getting drunk, or hooking up with girls. Back then, It wasn't all about that now music half the time has a terrible message if you really listen and terrible message for kids. Now you can barley have a kid listening to good music, now finding a 5 year old who says horrible words isn't rare. How sad it that. 

Want to know something even BIGGER, ROCK MUSIC! This is a huge one for me, There is no more rock music like there used to be, now it's like the heavy metal or what we call Rock now. I miss, the HARD rock back then, the long haired men on stage whipping their hair back and fourth, everyone throwing up the rock signs instead of the phones. Rock music is dead, where is the Rock music like there used to be. Why am I living in the wrong Generation? This is what i miss take a look at these pictures: 

I also miss the amazing TV shows and Cartoons they used to have, AND The movies. The 80s and 90s came up with most of the best movies today, I love grease, and others the originals came from the 1900s, even all the Disney movies, Nothing in this generation is original anymore. If you see most of the movies are all, sequals, or the second part of every movie ever even if the movie was made a long time ago, Where did the creative minds go? Here are some pictures of the shows, and movies some of my favorites: 

From the 50s and back then I miss, men's fashion. I love the fashion now, But most of the time its just not my style, sagging pants? How about Suits that's better here is what I mean: 

Even womens fashion in the 50s: 

I also miss the things like stores and things used back then, 

I miss Record Players, The music/record stores, I miss the times where going outside was fun because everyone was out there partying dancing, no one was worried about phones, because everyone hanged out no one texted, It was called walking ringing a door bell and all. 

I even miss Drive-ins, I wish those were popular, Why do you want to sit inside somewhere? Where you could be in your car enjoying a huge screen with all your friends. I hope to be going to a drive-in this summer! 

Until next time, If you want more on 80s and 90s leave a comment, Until then I'll be in my 1900s fantasy world, thanks for reading! I'm Gabriela Montanez. 🎬



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