When you go on a vulture ride...

When you go on a vulture ride...

I just went

On the craziest adventure.

It involves the tooth fairy, a monster

And a vulture!


I heard the fairy

Shouting in a tiny voice

Whilst the monster said that

He was going to gobble her up, she didn’t have a choice!


I wanted to get closer

So I climbed on a bird.

Guess what!?

The monster got scared!


And now here I am

With a chocolate coin by my side.

That’s what happens

When you go on a vulture ride!


I hope that you like my poem. What do you think would happen if you went on a vulture ride? (This poem is just imagination, I would probably fall off the vulture in just a few seconds! I'm a clumsy person :) )


Gabriella xxx


Published by Gabriella Borg

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