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So recently I decided that for the first year I was going to go to AnimeCon. For those who do not know what AnimeCon is, it is very similar to ComicCon.  A convention for people with the same interests (in this particular instance Anime) to meet up and go to events that are all centered around the type of convention it is. 

People taking part in the convention usually partake in cosplay (dressing up as a relevant character) however I had no idea who to go as. The only problem with conventions such as AnimeCon or ComiCon you tend to find that there are a number of common cosplay characters that goers dress as. For example in ComicCon women typically dress as characters such as Harvey Quinn or Princess Leia. Whereas obscure cosplay ideas are hard to come by. I wanted a character who nobody would likely be going as but everybody would know who she was.

One of my favourite anime shows is Fairytail. There are many female characters within Fairytail to cosplay as but I knew that the main characters Erza and Lucy would more than likely be popular. Therefore I settled on Juvia Lockser. 

Juvia Lockser is an emotionally unstable, lovesick woman who wants to help people with her water abilities. She is introduced as a villain however upon meeting a member of the Fairytail guild Gray, she falls madly in love and abandons her fight to join Fairytail. 

The costume for Juvia was difficult because it tends to change from one season to the next but I have improvised and hopefully fellow cosplayers will know who I am. My costume consists of;

1. Black top

2. Black skirt

3. Stockings

4. Blue wig

5. Water necklace

6. Faux Fur Headband 

I have a couple of finishing touches to make but all in all I can not wait to go to AnimeCon this weekend. 

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