I have a dream!

I have a dream!

Well, I actually don't have A dream when it comes to the question of what I want to do with my life. SO many people have asked me that question over the years, and most of the time I lie (a white lie for the sake of landing a job, please don't judge). 

Most people remember who they wanted to be when they grow up. I don't; to be more precise, I didn't have that one thing that I wanted to define my future. 

I can proudly say that there are at least a dozen things that I would like to do in my lifetime and I couldn't possibly pick a single one or even two. You see, I am not a believe in any afterlife (that's a whole different story). What we see is what we get. And the idea that I will spend most of my life in one career is daunting for me. I am like a kid in a candy store, who knows better than to stick to one type of candy. I want them all or, at least, the ones I enjoy (which happens to be a lot; again, don't judge). 

Among my hobbies/career aspirations are story and book writing, language learning, photographing, event planning and designing (clothes). I am fairly good at all those things, and to limit myself to one would mean dooming myself to forever wondering if I could make it in the other realms. What if, at the age of 50 or 60, I look back and say I hated doing this one activity I did 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year for 30+ years of my life. I refuse to pigeonhole myself in this way. 

Which brings me to the dilemma of picking which one should I do first and how long should I try it for. Last year, I decided that I would try myself in PR because it combines several of things I like to do: writing, event planning and designing (digital, not fabric materials). So far, it's too early to tell if I made the right choice but, as always, I am keeping my horizon clear for any future changes. 


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