The perfect accessory for the Fall

The perfect accessory for the Fall

Tbh, I dislike all the seasons other than the summer. I usually get a bit sad in the fall, in part, because winter is coming and, in part, because of the fall weather.

The days are usually still pretty warm in Toronto, but mornings and evening get chilly. Much like Karl Lagerfeld, I am not a layer person; I am a minimalist. It drives me crazy to drag around a sweater or to have to constantly put it on or take it off.

My solution: a pashmina scarf that keeps me warm when I need it too, but also feels cool enough in warm weather. (It’s also great for going grocery shopping since I always get frozen in the fridge sections).

Scarves come in an array of colours, thicknesses and fabrics (I’m a sucker for soft materials). Plus, you can style them so many different ways. 

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