What Are The Signs That Your Garage Door Is Malfunctioning?

What Are The Signs That Your Garage Door Is Malfunctioning?

On average, homeowners open and close their garage doors more than 1,500 times a year. While this may seem harmless, opening and closing your garage door can cause wear and tear on its moving parts. The amount of stress put on your door over time will result in a decreased lifespan and increased probability of malfunction. What are the telltale signs that indicate your garage door is not performing up to par?


#1 Your garage door has trouble opening and closing

One sign that you may need a garage door replacement is when it fails to open or close when you press the remote control button. It could also be that the garage door moves, but only halfway up or down. Other times, it will refuse to budge altogether. If the door opens and closes slowly or not at all, it could be due to broken springs. If the door still does not work properly despite spring replacement, the garage opener wires could be faulty and have rendered the circuitry dead and in need of replacement.


#2 Your garage door makes strange noises

If you notice unusual sounds coming from your garage door, it could mean issues that need immediate attention. Specific garage door noises can help you determine which component of your garage door needs fixing. For example, grinding or rattling sounds mean there may be something wrong with the rollers. A faulty garage door opener produces faint clicking or scraping noises. Knowing the source of the sounds will help you figure out what to do next.


#3 Your garage door has loose cables or wires

Your garage door has cables that work with the garage door opener to lift and lower the door. If the cables are frayed or broken, your door will likely not open and close properly. Operating a garage door with loose cables or wires can lead to catastrophic damages and accidents. When you notice your garage door cables have lost their strength, seek professional help immediately. Handling the issue soon lowers the risk of more significant problems that could necessitate a more expensive garage door replacement.


#4 Your garage door is imbalanced

Your garage door opening and closing crookedly could indicate some problems. It could be that the tracks are bent or broken, malfunctioning opener or the door itself is bent or warped out of shape. An uneven track structure could also cause a sagging door. A sagging garage door poses risks for injuries and damages. In many cases, a minor adjustment will fix the issue. However, it is always good to call in the experts to know what exactly could be causing the problem.


#5 Your garage door track or hinges are broken or bent

Garage doors have tracks that guide the movement of the door from side to side. The tracks wear out sooner than the other parts of the door’s mechanism. If you spot a considerable gap between the bottom of your garage door and the ground, this is due to a broken or bent track. A split or broken track will cause the garage door to move off-course as it is being operated, and you would notice that your door no longer works as quickly and smoothly as before.


#6 Your garage door has broken or chipped parts

Garage doors are exposed to harsh weather conditions. Extreme heat and cold, strong gusts of wind, moisture, and other elements can wear down and warp the garage door frame. On top of this, your door may also suffer from other issues such as chipped paint, damaged rollers, and cracks on the structure. Some of these damages are inevitable over time, so it is essential to have a professional inspect your garage door every few years and repair your garage door before any further damage sets in.


#7 You have increased heating cost

Your garage door has rubber seals to help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. In winter, cold air seeps in when the garage door is open as well as when it is closed. A garage door seal that is not tight enough to keep out the cold in winter could compromise the insulation of your house, raising your energy bills. If you can see daylight through the cracks between your garage doors, it is time to call for residential garage door repair.


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