Cost To Cover A Patio

Cost To Cover A Patio

Oct 5, 2021, 11:11:25 AM Life and Styles

Some of the most popular types of patio covers are pergolas, gazebos and canopies. While these options tend to cost more than a simple roof patio cover , they also provide additional features like benches or built-in storage spaces for outdoor furniture . You should be aware that each one comes with its own set of installation requirements as well as the patio cover cost

It is important to know what you need your new patio cover to accomplish before choosing which type will fit in best with your backyard décor . There are several factors involved when considering a custom made structure such as size, shape and durability. When making this decision it's helpful if you have an idea about how much area is to be covered by your future pergola cover cost .

One popular type is the retractable cover, which usually costs around $20-$40 per square foot . These typically look like garage doors that roll up into case when not in use. Patio covers come with or without heaters , but if they do have heating then expect to pay more money (typically an additional $30-$80). Another downside of these types of covers is that they're fairly loud to open and close; some people may find this annoying so ensure you know exactly what kind of noise level comes from them before buying one! Additionally, while most will fit on almost any size of patio, they're not ideal for bigger patios because of the amount of space they take up when opened.

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