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Hey Guys!

I am a software engineer by profession working with an IT firm in India. I was married to a handsome technical geek (though he is equally nerd and expert in personal relations) in 2015.

Happy-go-lucky girl is what I am known as. I believe in living each moment like its the last. And certainly there is no fun without bricks & hurdles on the way. Every obstacle teaches a lesson, which i am keen to learn. I love to eat, sleep & laugh out loud. Movie buff & chocolate lover (though I constantly struggle to avoid putting on weight). Dancing, sketching, crafting & modelling (fashion freak) are the ones that drives me crazy.

The quest to play multiple roles throughout, made me emerge with a new persona. Unboxing my clandestine shades, I have lately discovered my interest in reading and writing, to an extent that, now it has turned out to be my preaching. Identifying means of expression is what fascinates me. Therefore, that draws a huge respect and admiration to all the talented people. Be it words to express in writing, or a move to emote in dancing, or a player gesturing a helping hand to fellow mates in any sport, are all ‘Expressions’.  Attempting to be one among them, I support creativity & originality to the core.

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