Poetic Impressions- ‘I think I know why I lost’

Poetic Impressions- ‘I think I know why I lost’

Jan 6, 2017, 7:50:58 PM Opinion
Deep down inside, I think I know why I lost!
The battle was among the most arduous, one can fight,
That path to traverse was from the base to an ambitious flight..
That struggle was to identify, not what the heart desires,
But to discover one’s self, of what it really aspires!!
The time to hold beneath thy wings has now fled from my space,
The dreams have shattered, hopes have faded on my face..
The firm belief that everything worthy comes with a cost,
Makes me assured, that I know why I completely lost!


I see uncountable reasons that stitched this defeat,
Those that made my aim & aspirations liable to forfeit…
Out of many, A prominent one, is the fear of losing & rejection,
If not, then to let go of close to my heart earned possession!
The other might be the dying faith to turn the vision to reality,
Or may be that over-trust, to turn into whatever I wanted to be..
I could have been afraid of loneliness & darkness had I failed,
And be lost in the comfort zone, not daring for risk to take!
Opportunities, came & went by, I couldn’t make the most,
Hence I have it more in my head,  now I know why I lost!!


The question I have for myself to answer me..
Is whether I regret of letting my dream be free?
The thought that notches my head now & then,
If the life today is pleasing enough to vanish the pain?
Or rather a bigger statement that haunts me down,
Can I ever dream again, this bothers me now!
The investment made to the dream, was huge & gross,
And, now I can’t deny, that I well know why I lost!

Published by Garima Mathur Upadhyay

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