Are comforters useful in the summer season?

Are comforters useful in the summer season?

Mar 12, 2021, 7:49:20 AM Opinion

Summers are approaching us, and the warmest & shortest nights of the year are almost knocking on our door. With this, the sleeping pattern will change eventually. The sun rays gleaming through the window in the morning will no longer be snuggly. You will draw the curtains till late, lay cotton sheets on the bed, and it's officially AC to the rescue season. 

But have you thought about switching from a comforter?

What is a Comforter?

Comforters are the epitome of comfort since they make up a welcoming and snuggly bed. A down comforter blanket can work for those who like to sleep in a colder room. And as for the hot sleepers, a comforter may not work. Choice of using the same comforter in summers may vary from person to person. 

Comforter or Duvet? Are these similar?

Comforters are breathable and lightweight, generally having a wool lining. It's a single piece of bedding that is ready to use. The duvet, on the other hand, is a little bulky. A cover and an insert, this comes in 2 pieces. Both of these are ideal for colder months as they tend to trap the body heat. 

Is a comforter ideal for summertime? 

Yes, it can be a possibility, but only when the room temperature is cold. Brands have come up with cooling comforters as well. These comforters are different from the ones we use in winters. Summer comforters are less heated and can provide a fuzzy and comfy feeling on a summer night.

Comforters are available in several fills and fabrics. Check out several options, depending upon the things you prefer, and  buy a comforter online within a few clicks. 

Summer & Winter Comforter, Comfort for All Weather

Every sleep product has advantages and disadvantages. When brands design an innovative product, they try to resolute some discomfort the customers are dealing with. Not everyone likes a firm bed mattress, and not everyone is a fan of an extra soft bed. The same is with the type of blanket & bedding. However, the choice always remains in the hands of the buyer. 

What does a Winter Comforter offer: 

  • Soft, warm, and with the ability of heat-trapping! These are the qualities a winter comforter possesses. 
  • You may find more variety of flannel comforters during the colder months. 
  • Down comforters with a feather lining are an effective insulator, providing a snuggly feel. 
  • A wool comforter is a popular choice as well. These may work during summers too, this you'll know, how later. 

What does a Summer Comforter offer: 

  • As for the wool comforters, these are an all-weather thing. You can use them during summers if you sleep in a fully air-conditioned room. 
  • Dust & allergies hover around more during the summertime. A humid and damp environment is a breeding ground for allergies and dust. A wool comforter can absorb the humidity, making the atmosphere around you dry. 
  • Wool fibers are versatile, can work for both partners. Thus, ending the debate for cold and hot sleepers. 
  • Summer comforters are a blend of lightweight fill and fabric. These are available in lighter colors to reflect the heat around. 
  • Bamboo fiber comforters are catching attention, as these are breathable and airy. 
  • These comforters come with a potential moisture-wicking and retain a cool and comfy feel in the end.  


Get your bed summer-ready in 6 easy ways! 

It's the call for an action time for a summery bedroom makeover. This space shall offer plenty of light and ventilation. Light curtains and blinds for the night-time. Softer and airy sheets on the bed. And don't forget your summer comforter!

  1. The Top Layer:

Now that you have put away the bulky winter bedding, lay a cotton comforter or AC blanket on the bed. Summertime makes you feel irritated with even the slightest of untidiness. So, laying the top layer neatly and cleaning out the other stuff from over the bed would be better.

  1. Summer Color Play:

Lighter, subtle shades are best suited for summertime. Colors can attract and reflect heat, reason why the lighter shades are a rage during hotter months. A plain cotton bed sheet would be pleasing enough, and you will sleep well. 

  1. Breathable sheets and comforters:

Materials like cotton that allow a flow of air are summer perfect. Be it your bedsheet, comforter or blanket, always go for materials that are breathable and allergy-free during the humid months of the year. 

  1. Bedsheets, Chic & Sleek:

Most people prefer cotton sheets throughout the year. In summers, you can try linen & bamboo sheets, well known for their breezy feels on a hot & humid day. A tidy bed is sleep-inducing. Investing in good quality bed sheets will improve the sleep quality and will accentuate the bedroom look for summers. 

  1. Open the Curtains, let the sun rays hit you!

When talking about sunny & long days, the bedroom should have plenty of light space. Say no to the dark and damp room. Lighter curtains will allow natural light on the bright Sunday morning and the necessary shade for you to sleep more. 

  1. Don't Forget to Flip Your Mattress:

Flipping the mattress once a year will increase its durability. As while we sleep in the same place every night, it sinks and creates an impression. So, while you are decluttering the space and making it summer-ready, flip the mattress too. 

Sleep Comfortable This Summer!

You can sleep with a comforter, a blanket, or no blanket at all. As long as you feel comfortable and restful, anything works. In summers, the humidity increases as the temperature rises. Just like we switch to our summer wardrobe, the summer bedroom swap is vital too.

Aim for curating an easy-breezy atmosphere to chill and relax every day after a long day in the sun. When the sleeping patterns change, uneasiness follows. And to deal with this fuss, we need a sleep-inducing bedroom. Check out the summer comforters that suit your bedroom style and are in the budget. As the time has come when nights are longer, and we can sleep much more. 

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