8 Tips For Representing Your Personality In Dressing Style

8 Tips For Representing Your Personality In Dressing Style

Jul 26, 2017, 12:00:29 AM Life and Styles

It is said that a personal style is a way of letting the world know you without talking. You can look like yourself by dressing in your personal style. The way we dress can tell our personal stories- moods, perceptions, feelings, and likes. Clothing is a form of bridge between our mind and body.

It is important to dress in an individual style and shun away from the trendy fashions that confuse people about our unique individualities. These are the suggestions for authentic personality styles.

Favorite colors

Determine your ideal colors by for instance matching with your skin tone. The colors should not only fit your physique but also represent your character.

Body proportions

Get to know your correct body size, shape, and figure. Understand the basic rules for dressing for a body figure. You can get advice from dress designers about your ideal designs that suit your figure. For instance, Mac Duggal Couture dresses are fully packed with all sorts of designs for different body shapes. You must know what to avoid if you want to look elegant. Ensure that you are fully aware of your body shape so that you dress properly.

Inner self

As mentioned earlier, your personality is depicted by your dressing style. You must, therefore, understand your interests, perceptions, likes, and dislikes. You also need to know where you are coming from to where you are heading. Remember that first impressions say a lot about you.

Keep off discouraging friends

You should not be influenced by peer pressure. Their styles are their own, so, do not copy them. Those who try to discourage you should be avoided so that you may make independent decisions. Create a style that others see who you are.  

Signature piece

Let people identify you by a unique dressing element. For instance, you can use bling throughout such that they refer to you as Mary and the bling.


Have some role models to look out to. Check for appealing outfits on magazines, movies, fashion blogs, and articles.

Get rid of inappropriate clothes

Outfits that clutter your personal style must be out of your wardrobe. There are those clothes that we buy unreasonably and we end up not wearing them. These should be thrown away or given out and then fill the wardrobe with personality outfits that match your taste.

Surprisingly, many people do not know or rather evade dressing in a manner that portrays their character. Psychologists say that style is a crucial aspect of human development. One can build their confidence by choosing Mac Duggal Couture which has a lot of styles to choose from.

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