All about Smart Game Booster Review

All about Smart Game Booster Review

May 6, 2020, 9:40:30 PM Business


In the past trend, when people want to play games in their Windows PC or Laptop, they will need to close all the programs which are running on the background of their PC, so that the game will run on the on it on the largest share of the system resources without shutting down the computer due to the high load and high temperature of the CPU. Some people use to create batch files for taking this task before start playing the games. But now everything is getting advanced, as a gamer people are using smart game booster software such as SMART GAME BOOSTER to run the game on their PC smoothly. 

Although the SMART GAME BOOSTER with its website named is founded in 2016 and help to optimize the computer system resources, just need to tweak some settings of PC and help to manage your collection of games so that it will provide the platform to launch the games from one place. In this way, you can make your system more responsive and larger space areaand also get a massive number of frames per second (FPS) while playing the heavy game. The optimization of PC and enhancing the gaming experience is performed by just click on the Optimize button in the software program or just try to choose the option of optimization from the menu of the software. 

The way the smart game booster mayoptimize the system is by closing all the unnecessary files and applications and by cleaning the RAM and other service programs that could be launching fast and smooth in Windows. Moreover, this software program also provides a convenient way to display the real-time temperature of CPU with the help of temperature meter that comes with this software, motherboard, GPU, and the speed of the system fan that measure it in RPM. You can also turn on the display frame rate while playing the games on PC. 

The software of smart game booster not only shows you the current temperature of the PC but also make them cool of various components of PC so that the PC will not shutdown during the gameplay. 


FPS Booster

The FPS is get compared between 30Hz to 60Hz. The Low FPS always give animpact on the quality and performance of videos and graphics while FPS at 60Hz or more will enhance the smooth and quality gaming experience. 


The overclocking always improves the performance of the CPU and PC to enhance the gaming experience. The overclock feature help to improve the FPS will increase by more than 50-percent. The smart game booster will help to boost the overclock speed of most of the graphics card that works on the steady and safe temperature without any hurdle of overclocking settings. 

Temperature monitor

The temperature of GPU plays an important role while playing games and that is why the smart game booster will give you real-time monitoring and display the temperature of CPU and GPU and their speed of the fan. In this way, you will get notified always when it’s overheating. 


The  SMART GAME BOOSTER  software is a very important and useful tool for the PC to enhance the gaming experiences for the games and improve the computer system performance while playing the game. 


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