Is a Wooden Wedding Ring a Good Buy or Not? Some Important Facts on the Table

Is a Wooden Wedding Ring a Good Buy or Not? Some Important Facts on the Table

May 11, 2020, 6:15:37 PM Life and Styles

Wooden rings can be an ideal option for couples looking out for unique and eco-friendly tokens of their affection and commitment to each other. Even as the huge selection of woods, designs, and finishes can be both exciting and bewildering, you need to know the various pros and cons of wooden rings to make an informed choice.

Good Reasons to Consider a Wooden Wedding Ring

Unique Style Statement 

When you buy a wooden ring, you get a truly unique piece of jewelry that underlines your personality like nothing else. Even in the matter of patterns, each wood has its signature grain and is like nothing else. On top of that varied shapes and inlays with metals, ceramics, and other advanced materials make it completely exclusive to you.


Among the biggest advantages of wooden rings is that despite their unique beauty, they are extremely affordable for perfect for couples who want something unique but are on a tight budget. According to, as many as two-thirds of young Americans consider that engagement rings should ideally cost less than $2,500, which is half the national average.


One of the most compelling reasons to buy wooden wedding rings is that they are made from sustainable sources or salvaged wood. This step albeit small goes a long way to make a powerful statement on your concern for the environment. Of course, you will need to be careful that you do not pick a wood that has not been ethically sourced.

Top Reasons to Avoid Wooden Rings

Cannot Have Extended Exposure to Water

The essential character of wood is that while it does not mind an occasional dunking, it is averse to extended exposure to moisture. This means that while you can wear your wooden ring while washing your hands, going swimming in the pool or the sea, taking a leisurely bath, or taking a romantic walk in the rain is ruled out even if a clear polish has been applied on the ring.

No Resizing Possible 

Unlike metal rings, wooden rings cannot be resized, however, if your fingers get thinner, you can consider using a ring guard. However, this is not a major disadvantage since you can easily get yourself a new ring that fits properly as they tend to be inexpensive.

Special Care

Wooden rings and especially the polish that is typically applied to them to highlight their finish and natural grain tend to be easily damaged when exposed to abrasives or harsh chemicals. This means that if you are working in challenging environments that need you to wash your hands repeatedly to keep them free of contaminants; you should take your ring off. With regular use, you will also notice the finish becoming dull, which is a sign that you need to have the finish reapplied professionally.


Wedding rings are a very personal and emotional choice and wooden rings are often perfect for couples who want something truly outstanding and yet are not prohibitively expensive. With the rich and warm color of wooden rings, and a huge variety of designs and finishes, it is difficult to go wrong in telling the story of your relationship.


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