Tips for Proposing to Your International Girlfriend

Tips for Proposing to Your International Girlfriend

May 8, 2020, 4:19:39 PM Life and Styles

With online dating and the world getting a little bit smaller through technology, you may have found your perfect match in a country that isn’t your own. Although the distance keeps you far, your love keeps you close. 

After time apart, you might be ready to not only make the physical move but also take your relationship to the next level. Asking someone to marry you is already a big gesture, but preparing a whole new life in a different country is an even grander display of your feelings. If you’re ready to pop the question, here are a few tips on how to propose to your international girlfriend. 

The bling is everything. 

Before you ask, you have to have something that represents your love and the next chapter in your journey. Even if your girlfriend doesn’t need material objects for you to prove your commitment, by picking a ring that’s perfect for her, it shows your attention to detail and that you’ve noticed her style and taste. If your soon-to-be fiancée is very environmentally minded, consider shopping for lab-created diamond engagement rings

According to the Gemological Institute of America, there is virtually no physical difference between an earth-mined diamond and one that is created in a lab. There is, however, a difference in price. You can get a lab-created diamond with a much better cut, clarity, color, and carat for significantly less money than an earth-mined diamond. Also, where there are some companies, like Agape Diamonds, that ethically source their earth diamonds, not all other businesses are so caring. Purchasing a lab-created diamond takes that concern off the table. Find a cut that fits her personality. She’ll be dazzled with what you choose. 

Start your immigration early. 

If she has been longing for you to live in the same place as her, after you propose, surprise her with your immigration papers. Immigration requires a whole application process but depending on where you’re moving and what your occupation is, you may be able to streamline the process. If you’re a skilled worker in trades like mill working, plumbing, and carpentry and you’re partner lives in Canada, consider getting your Red Seal Certification to make immigrating simpler. You can get your certification by taking the Red Seal Exam. 

This exam tests your knowledge of your given trade, your ability to use mathematical formulas to solve trade-related problems, your proficiency in the metric or imperial system, and your general problem-solving abilities. Having your Red Seal Certification means you’re more likely to find work and allows you to choose the province you want to live in. Not to mention, you’ll be automatically accepted into Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island immigration programs if you don’t receive a job offer. Showing your seriousness about your future together by starting the immigration process will be the best gift you could give her. 

Go get her! 

Once you have the ring and have a specific plan for the engagement prepared, don’t hesitate to go do what you’ve been planning to do. Fly to her and maybe take her to the first place you met or her favorite restaurant. If you can both get time off, go on a little pre-honeymoon trip to somewhere new, so you can start your adventure together. Since you’re not living in the same country yet, make sure you actually pop the question early on in your trip. If you get nervous and wait until you’re boarding your plane home, you won’t get the chance to actually celebrate your engagement together. Screw your courage to the sticking place and ask her to be your wife. 


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