In a Slump? Just take the first step forward.

In a Slump? Just take the first step forward.

If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up…

You’ve been there, you know you have. You’ve been in a place where no matter how hard you are trying you can’t get out of bed on time. You can’t seem to eat good, sleep good, workout, run and the last thing you want to do is have to try again because you fail every single day. You can’t seem to find your motivation and forget about momentum, you can’t even get one day right.

How do I know? I’ve been here over and over again including the streak I’m going through right now. I’ve developed 17 different plans and can’t hit one for more than 2 days. My body hurts, my mind is tired, the fatigue won’t go away and I have pain in every inch of my body… No matter how hard I try and stay positive, the harder it gets. The more I force myself down a path, the farther away from my goals I feel. I haven’t ran over 15 miles in almost 8 weeks now… The more fear I feel, the worse I physically feel and the more I feel my goals slipping through my hands…

We’ve all been here right? In a slump that we never think will end. We’ve all had to start over from square one and rebuild one day at a time. I hate it. I’m sure you hated it. It is the worst feeling in the world to mentally be able to go go go, but physically you’re at a standstill or vice versa. Your body can do all the work needed, but your mind won’t allow it.

So here’s how you fix it. Start over. Yes, it sucks. No, you won’t want to accept that fact that you have to start from square one. Yes, it will be very difficult and take a lot of time… No, there is no other way around it.

“Start with what you have and where you are and work to go where you want go.”

Over the last 4 years I’ve restarted numerous times. It’s unpleasant, awkward, and miserable and takes a lot of time and patience. It’s not easy to become a walker after you’ve been a runner. It’s not easy starting from square one in the kitchen after you’ve followed an eating plan for so long. It’s terrible when you think you can do more than you are doing.

This is where I am right now… I have had to start over completely. I’ve had to walk when I want to run, crawl when I want to walk, and rest when I want to move… The experience has been humbling to say the least… but I go back to the early days of my journey and I remember how good it felt to get outside and take a walk around the block. I remember what it was like to run my first full mile without stopping. I remember what it was like to go out and have to work for what I wanted every single day. It sucked. But with the little effort I put in every single day, I was able to build off the small wins and get in a groove. Once I gained the momentum I was able to continue to build and compound my successes until one day I woke up a marathon runner and then an ultra-runner.

People ask me all the time what they should do to get started. When I say take a walk around ONE block around their house they look at me like I’m crazy. They say there is NO WAY that will work for them, it’s not enough or it’ll take forever. Yes, it will do something because the very first step is the hardest and when the first step looks too hard, we don’t take it. When we don’t take the first step forward, we don’t take any steps forward. The easier the first step looks, the more likely we are to take it. Once we take that first step we start the chain reaction to continued action which will eventually lead us to success.

So go out right now, whether you are just starting out, stuck in a slump, or run 100 miles/week, when you’re stuck and feel like the whole world is plotting against you, just take the first step out your door and around the block. You never know where that first step will lead you. It may be the key to all your dreams.

Run Epic my Friends.

Published by Gary Stotler

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