How To Fix Social Security

How To Fix Social Security


Written By: Gary Wonning

Social Security was designed during the depression by Franklin Roosevelt so no one would ever collect anything. The retirement age was set at 65 when the normal life expectancy was only 64, thus it was only created as another revenue source for the government. The money only collected 2 percent interest and the program still didn’t do too badly until the mid-sixties when Lyndon Johnson and congress decided to raid the fund and start paying the government’s bills with our retirement money.

Discover what a personal retirement package could do for you, just do the math. Find a compound interest site online and figure for yourself how much money should be there for each of us if it had been invested at a conservative rate and left there to multiply over the years.

I used a conservative figure of investing $20 a week from the time I was 20 years old until I was 65, with a conservative interest rate of 7 %, I would have had enough money in the account to pay me more than I now receive from social security, and the principle would never be touched! The principle would be there until I passed on, it could then go to my heirs.

I know I probably couldn‘t have invested $20 a week when I was 20, at that time twenty dollars was half of my paycheck. Adjustments could have been made later in life to make up for the difference.

As it was, when I retired in 1994 and for several years before that, the combined contributions made by myself and my employer totaled almost $200 a week. Just think what a portion of that would have done for me if it had been invested privately. I would have had a lot larger retirement income and there would have been enough money to pay for my health care on top of it.


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Wisdom lost through the ages, common sense is no longer common.

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