Benefits of Single Sink vs. Double Sink Vanities

Benefits of Single Sink vs. Double Sink Vanities

Aug 26, 2021, 9:00:24 PM Life and Styles

Bathroom vanities enhance the beauty of your grooming space and create a style statement for your visitors. Bringing a vanity sink changes the design aesthetics of the bathroom space. In addition, the vanity sink adds exclusiveness to your interiors. 

How much space does your bathroom have? It is an important question as even after installation, your bathroom should look clutter-free. Therefore, prepare a plan and take the bathroom measurements where you want to install the vanities. First of all, take the measures of the previous vanity sinks. 

Do remember to take corrective measures so that there should be enough space inside the bathroom. The double sink bathroom vanities always go great with the members of the family. It is a good choice for the master bathroom. The single sink bathroom vanities work great for the guest bathroom and do not take much space. Let us first understand what single and double sink bathroom vanities are - 

Single sink bathroom vanity

A single sink bathroom vanity is an excellent choice for bathrooms with a scarcity of space. It has only one sink installation, and the size ranges from 16 inches to 72 inches. In addition, they are available in both wall-mounted and freestanding options.

Benefits of single sink bathroom vanities

They are easy to install - A single sink is easy to install as you have only one sink and one faucet. 

Great for small bathroom - As you only have one sink and one faucet, there is no clutter inside the bathroom space. 

More storage - This may differ according to one’s requirements, but you can always add one drawer to save some space. A bit of general advice, do not add drawers under the sink.  

Extra counter space - The critical point out here is to have more space. A sink with a large width area provides more countertop space. So you can keep your important stuff over it. 

Double sink bathroom vanity

The double sink bathroom vanity is an excellent product for large bathrooms. These fixtures have two sinks and faucets by dividing the countertop. The size range of the double sinks starts from 48 inches.

Benefits of double sink bathroom vanities

More space for comfort - The double sink comes with two sinks and faucets, and they are a reliable choice for large bathrooms. 

Maximize storage space - It increases the space to store your bathroom essentials. Yet, the place remains tidy and clean.

Positive impact - A double sink bathroom vanity creates a positive jolt inside the bathroom space. It also increases the value of the property for reselling. 

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