Coretec Plus Review: Is it 100% waterproof?

Coretec Plus Review: Is it 100% waterproof?

Sep 7, 2021, 9:45:39 PM Life and Styles

Coretec Plus is a perfect blend of art and functionality. It is the finest quality luxury vinyl plank that looks precisely like hardwood and holds up in spaces that may be moisture stricken, such as basements, kitchens, and bathrooms.

This is one of the most innovative products of this decade due to its advanced features. Coretec plus comes in the luxury vinyl plank that resembles hardwood and luxury vinyl tile that resembles tile, concrete, or natural stones. Many of our customers prefer hardwood plank as it is more attractive and stylish.

Coretec flooring gives you a stunning look and satisfies your desire for a hardwood look. And in fact, you don’t need to worry about the moisture and water. Most homeowners have reviewed this product as a multifunctional product that solves many challenges.

Coretec is entirely waterproof and very easy to clean. So you don’t need to worry about the water issues in the kitchen or bathroom.

Construction of Coretec plus!

Coretec Plus is constructed in 4 layers, 3 layers are visible, and 1 is invisible. The topmost layer which is visible is the luxury vinyl. It looks and feels real because it is well designed from a color, graining, and texture viewpoint.

In addition, there is a clear wear layer of 0.5mm which protects the wood plank against excessive wear and tear. This layer also makes it easier to clean. The middle layer is recycled wood and bamboo dust which also makes it environment friendly. Finally, the bottom layer is an attached cork underlayment.

The best part about coretec flooring is all 4 layers are waterproof, including the cork one.

The cork underlayment has some more benefits.

  • It adds cushioning to the floor, making it more comfortable and easier on your feet.
  • It can help to cover up minor flaws in the floor.
  • It also provides bit insulation due to the presence of air pockets in the cork.
  • It is antimicrobial and mold/mildew resistant.
  • It also helps with sound absorption.

Is coretec plus 100% waterproof?

According to one of our customers, this floor is 100% waterproof, and so they are perfect to be installed in wet areas. This flooring will never expand or contract when exposed to water. It is dimensionally stable, and you can surely trust this.

But to be honest, if you have standing water, then do not install coretec vinyl flooring. We suggest that no floor withstand standing water or sewage problems. So whenever you face a major flood, try to remove the flooring and reinstall it later. Otherwise, it may cause severe damage to your floor.


So with the reviews of all our customers, we assure you that coretec luxury vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, and you can trust the manufacturing process. This flooring will never upset you and make your place look more welcoming.

So choose the best color for your home as there is a large palette of colors in this flooring. Install it now and upgrade the ambiance of your place.  

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