Home Office Lights - Tips and Advantages

LED Office Lighting

Home Office Lights - Tips and Advantages

Aug 5, 2021, 8:28:02 PM Business

When you select lights for your office space in your home, you need to have a different approach. The space’s function will influence the choice of color and strength of brightness. Nowadays, businesses are changing their approach towards team member engagement. As a result, more and more people are opting to work from home. 

Traditional fluorescent lights dry your eyes and cause headaches to the individual. The use of energy-efficient LED lights becomes a practical solution for both the team members and the managers. Many people use a spare room as their office space. It gives a business-like approach to the team members. 

What are the requirements for adequate home office illumination?

The correct placement of luminaires

The correct placement of the task lights, such as LED downlights minimizes the glare and reduces eye strains. For example, the fixation of overhead lights causes a lot of glare on your laptop or computer screen, which might cause headaches or migraines. To overcome glare from reading lamps, place the fixture on the opposite side of the writing hand. Also, try to have lights with dimmers to control the intensity of brightness required in a given space. 

Layers of illumination

There is a need to incorporate the three layers of lights for the home office. The three layers are task, ambient, and accent. 

The desk lamps are an ideal choice to implement task lighting in a given space. They deliver workable brightness to the workspaces and reading areas. 

Proper accent lighting transforms the home environment into a professional office space. The use of LED tape lights behind the personal computer reduces the glare. Try to avoid color-changing lights as they break the concentration of the individual. 

The right color temperature

You want your home office to have efficient brightness as well as a focused environment. You want your space to be productive. Most of the home spaces have relaxed lighting for the comfort of the individual. 

The first and most important thing is to prepare a professional environment in your home. Many studies have shown that favorable conditions towards brightness have increased the work efficiency among the team members. The color temperatures above 3500K impact the concentration of the individual. The required color temperature for a home office should be more than 5000K. The LED lights are energy-efficient and deliver natural daylight, which is better for your health. In addition, these lights are flicker-free and are soft on the individual’s vision. 

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