Gifting Birth Flowers

Gifting Birth Flowers

Jan 9, 2017, 6:09:24 PM Life and Styles

Flowers are beautiful. They have an innocent, yet passionate manner of expression of feelings. All flowers have meaning and many cultures consider them lucky. Moreover, considering astrology and flowers, many believe that each month has a special flower assigned to it, and that those born in that month have attributes similar to those flowers, as well as the flowers exerting a certain amount of influence over those born in the month assigned to it.

January – The Carnation

The cold month of January has the fresh and paper-cut carnation as its birth flower. Like roses, these flowers when gifted mean love. Gifting a red carnation is akin to telling someone “I love you”.

February – The Primrose

The violet is the birth flower of the month of February. Violets signify loyalty and faithfulness.

March – The Daffodil

Daffodils indicate that spring is in full splendour. The cheery daffodil is the birth flower of the month of March and it signifies unequalled love. Gifting daffodils to a loved one whose birthday is in March will reflect the cheerful sprit of March born people.

April – The Daisy

The sweet and simple Daisy is the birth flower of those born in the month of April. These little flowers can spread their cheer and beauty everywhere as they bloom in carpets on fields. Daisies signify innocence and purity much like those born in April. Moreover, daisies are known as flowers for friends as gifting daisies to a friend will indicate that the all the friend’s secrets will be well kept for life.

May – Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley is the birth flower of the month of May and signifies humility. Gifting lily of the valley to a person tell them that “they complete your life.”

June – The Rose

The flower of passion, the Rose is the birth flower of June. Much like the people born in June, the rose in different colours has different meanings. One can send flowers to Trichy like a bunch of red roses that mean “I love you”

July – The water lily

The Water lily like those born in July is a majestic flower. The birth flower of July, the water lily signifies purity and majesty.

August – Gladiolus

The birth flower of the month of August is the gladiolus. The gladiolus stands for calmness and integrity, attributes one can find in August-born people.

September – Aster

Asters as gifts signify a powerful love. They are easily available in Trichy and make beautiful bouquets in lovely colours.

October – Marigold

Marigold or calendula, are healing sunny flowers that describe the disposition of those born in October. Gifting marigolds is an expression of undying love.

November – Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are flowers that signify youth, longevity and love. They are the birth flowers of the month of November.

December – Holly

The birth flower of the month of December is the Holly. Well known as a Christmas flower, holly signifies domestic happiness.  Gifting holly spreads Christmas cheer.

 While gifting flowers to loved ones, one can choose birth month flowers for their loved ones and add a meaning to their floral gifts.

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