Pros and Cons of Saltwater Pools?

Pros and Cons of Saltwater Pools?

Aug 16, 2019, 7:34:40 PM Business

The saltwater pools have grown popularity everywhere from backyards to resorts as it freshens up the water and make it contamination-free.Saltwater pools electrically transform the pool salt into chlorine. A pool salt system is placed inside the pool to maintain chlorine level.

But before you invest in a saltwater swimming pool, you must be aware about the pros and cons associated with it.


Easier to use:Saltwater pools use the process of electrolysis to purify the water. Pool salt is poured into the water, and thepoolis automated with the use of electrolyser which is connected to the pool’s filtration circuit. This process makes it easy to use.The stock of the salt is much less frequent than with the disinfectant pebbles used with chlorine pools.

Low chlorine levels:the saltwaterpool comprise of less amount of chlorine which is safe for human health. It is found that actually the salt content in this type of pool is proportionately the same as that in human tears. Chlorine often causes itching on the skin and scalp after swimming, but you can nowsafely open your eyeswith salt water system even while underwater. Your skin feels soft and smooth.

Low Maintenance:Maintaining saltwater pool at your property requires less maintenance. These pools can self-maintain water levels for up to two weeks without depositing green algae growing in the water. It is easy enough to add salt to your water as well, reducing the manual addition of specific chemicals to maintain the integrity of the water. The newly saltwater systems are effective in monitoring cleanliness and automatically cleaning the pool water. 

Safe for skin: Salt water pools have significantly lower chlorine in water thus offers pleasant healthful swimming experience, eliminating the harsh chemical door. The less content of chlorine in water comes with fewer risks for allergies and irritation to your customer’s eyes and skin. saltwater pools are more natural, good for people having sensitive skin. They are much gentler on the eyes and skin.


Installation expense:  The initial cost of installation for saltwater pools is comparatively higher than regular pools. The installation and acquisitionof the electrolyser are what bring the price up. Due to its complexity, require more maintenance, even for something considered a minor problem.

Wear and tear: The corrosive nature of salt content in the water can damage electrolyser prematurely, other swimming pool parts and accessories. The presence of saltcan ruin underwater lighting systems, overallmasonry work done in pool and pool liners.

Require Energy Cost:saltwater pools need electricity for the chlorine generator to work. The generator will push the water through the cell to create the separation effect, which means you will have ongoing costs to consider each month


Conclusion:  A saltwater pool may be a good alternative for anyone who finds the smell of chlorine irritating or have sensitive skin. It may also be a good option if you have asthma or allergies, but more research is needed.

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