Romantic Ways to Cherish Your Wife on Valentine’s Day in Patiala

Romantic Ways to Cherish Your Wife on Valentine’s Day in Patiala

Jan 17, 2017, 5:42:08 PM Life and Styles

After spending a long chilling winter in Patiala, everyone is in full swing and lot of excitement in heart when it comes to celebrate the Valentine’s Day on the verge of welcoming the pleasures of spring. Those who are in a mature relationship after spending years of happy married life also urge to do something special to relive the moments over and again. This year, plan something unique in honor of your beloved wife to show your love, passion, and emotions with a special touch.

Plan an Outing with Your Wife in the Afternoon/Evening

Celebrating every event at home can be monotonous at times. Plan a holiday this 14 February. In Patiala, you can go to the SRS Cinema or the Baradari Garden. You can also go for a lunch to a multi-cuisine restaurant in the Omaxe Mall.

Gifting Tradition Strengthens Your Relationship

The gifts are not just mere items of use. An item becomes a precious possession when it comes from a special person. Do not forget to give some lovely gifts to your wife. You do not have to buy a bunch of items to fill the entire room with gifts. You can buy one or two items with some flowers to make your day special. Here are some ideas for valentines day gifts to Patiala you may find interesting. 

Printed Clutch Bags: The trending age of wearing digital print clothes is becoming highly popular among women. The lovely printed clutch bag will perfectly compliment her outfit as she will move out in confidence with perfect accessories.

Aromatic Candles and Votives: The candlelit dinner is incomplete if you do not have at least one candle on the table. You can buy a set of colorful aromatic candles, floating candles and even tealight candles. If you are buying them for your wife on 14 Feb, it is preferable to choose red ones. Nowadays, the gel candles in colorful glasses are in great demand. They look wonderful when combined with some candles placed in the votives.

Red Couple Coffee Mugs: Giving a couple coffee mugs has deep implicit message giving an expression to your feelings that you want to go a long way together with your wife. Together both of you will share the joys and hardships, living every moment with that caffeine addiction.    

Red, Pink and White Floral Ecstasy: All these colors express different forms of love while a combination will be perfect to make a complete sense. You can mix roses, with carnations, lilies, tulips, orchids, anthuriums, and other flowers to make a fine bunch decoration in a crystal vase at home.

Precious Stone Studded Jewelry: Women love jewelry no matter in what form or design. There are plenty of choices to explore from small earrings, pendants, bracelets etc. If you are already bored with the diamonds, try other stones especially a small ruby studded pendant in gold or platinum. Anything you do will be of great joy and appreciation for your soul mate.

It will be a great surprise for your lady love if you write down something from your heart on a plain piece of paper. Sometimes, you need to convey the feelings with proper words to progress towards a new phase of love relationship.

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