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There are various fishing rods, all of which come in various materials like bamboo, graphite, composite, or fiberglass to suit different fishing activities. But what kind of fishing rod should you get for your fishing activities? Here are the most common types and their features.

Pen fishing rods

Pen rods are the world’s smallest fishing rods designed to be folded up in a case similar to a large pen. Since it is small, it can fit in your fishing box Malaysia or your pocket, and it extends out to a few feet once you unfold it. It is best for fishing smaller fish species like perch, but there are pen rods for catching bigger fish. They are portable so that you can use them anytime a fishing opportunity comes up.

Spinning rod

Spinning fishing rods are available in various sizes and types. You can buy a light action spinning rod or heavy action spinning rod, depending on your needs. When using the spinning rod, it bends when it has a catch, all the eyelets on the rod turn downwards, and your line directs itself downwards. Since the reel is on the underside of the rod, you can use your non-dominant hand to work on it. A spinning rod is best for beginners and can catch any fish species.

A casting fishing rod

A casting fishing rod is also called a spin-cast rod and is the easiest to use. It has a straight line discharge which you can release quickly; thus, you can angle in a targeted area. A casting rod Malaysia can move rapidly in dense fishing areas like in weeds and rocks, making it suitable for beginners and experienced anglers. 

It is also best for using a rod holder to target a specific area where you want your lure to land. Therefore, it lets you cast longer distances with precision, and its eyelets are also sturdier than other fishing rods.

Fly rod

A fly rod has a lightweight draw attached to a weighted line. You can easily adjust the bar of the fly rod depending on the weight of the fish you aim for since it is lightweight and flexible. A fly rod enables you to cast with speed, and it is ideal for all fishing areas, but you need more room to cast.

Telescopic fishing rod

A telescopic fishing rod is meant to break down into a shorter length for travel. It is portable therefore ideal for when you want to travel. As long as you adjust your bait and reel accordingly, you can use it to catch all kinds of fish species.

The bottom line

There are many fishing rods to select when purchasing, but your choice depends on your fishing environment, fishing experience, and the type of fish you are going after. You can buy a few types of fishing rods to diversify your experience.

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