3 Easy Ways To Make Your Hair Stronger

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Hair Stronger

Aug 24, 2021, 6:55:26 PM Life and Styles

We all dream of having strong and healthy hair, but it is harder to achieve than many people think! Daily life puts a lot of strain on our hair, so we need to give it some TLC. With a few simple changes to your hair care routine, you can transform it completely. From taking multivitamins to washing your hair less often, get ready to notice a big difference when it comes to your hair! 

Use Less Heat

First up, a simple way to make your hair stronger is to use less heat on it. Hair dryers, curlers, straighteners and any heat products can cause serious damage, making it look and feel dry, rough, dull and brittle. You will probably notice more breakages, which will start to become noticeable.

So, simply using less heat on your hair is a great way to improve its overall health. Leave your hair to air dry and invest in good products to control frizz. Of course, sometimes using heat is necessary, so make sure that you use a really good heat protectant spray and if you can, invest in hair styling technology that uses air rather than heat. You could also try other styling techniques, like the dressing gown curls or rollers, to avoid heat altogether!

Take Vitamins

Another thing you can do to make your hair stronger is to take vitamin D tablets. Vitamin D is fantastic for the hair, but overexposure to the sun can really dry it out. So, vitamin D tablets are a great alternative! This vitamin plays an important role in the creation of new hair follicles, helping the hair to grow thicker as well as preventing existing hair from falling out. 

Many multivitamins contain vitamin D, or you can take the tablets individually. Vitamin D is also good for keeping the bones, teeth and muscles healthy, so it benefits your overall health massively, as well as your hair. 

Wash Your Hair Less Often

The easiest thing you can do to make your hair stronger is to wash it less often. Washing your hair dries it out significantly, stripping the scalp of essential oils that encourage hair growth. The longer your hair, the less often you need to wash it, as it takes longer for the oils to work their way down to the ends of the hair. 

Washing your hair is important to remove product build up and impurities, but reducing how often you wash your hair to twice a week could transform your hair. Plus, it will save you a lot of money as you will have to buy shampoo and conditioner less often, and you will save lots of time each day. 

Final Thoughts

These simple changes to your hair routine can make a huge difference when it comes to how healthy and strong it is. You will begin to quickly notice a change in your hair and once you pick up these habits, you will never go back! 

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