How Online Shopping Is Changing the Way We Buy Wedding Rings

How Online Shopping Is Changing the Way We Buy Wedding Rings

May 3, 2021, 8:21:27 AM Life and Styles

Amidst a global pandemic, most of us are dependent on online shopping, for items like necessities as well as massive splurges. Why then, should engagement or the best wedding ring sets not be a part of this booming market? Here’s how online shopping has revolutionized the wedding ring market.


Why Is Online Shopping Better While Buying Wedding Rings?

Online shopping gives you plenty of time to browse through different stores and examine each item without having to deal with salespeople who might try to coerce you into buying one.


Also, brick-and-mortar jewelry stores operate at a minimum of 40% profit margin, as the price is meant to cover the costs of running the store. These costs are bypassed while buying online as the products are shipped directly from a warehouse that does not incur additional running costs.


With online shopping, you receive first-hand knowledge of each product, instead of relying on the words of the salesperson. This helps you make the right choice independently, as you can also do your research simultaneously.


Is It Safe to Buy Wedding Rings Online?

Yes, it is safe to buy wedding rings online, as long as you buy them from trusted stores like James Allen and Blue Nile. These reputed jewelers provide authentication certificates, shipment insurance as well as return policies to keep up their brand name.


Avoid buying wedding rings from shady sites like eBay or other auction sites where you are more likely to get scammed. While you could find some great offers here, there is no guarantee of whether the description matches what you receive.


Things to Consider While Buying a Wedding Ring

While buying a wedding ring, various factors come into the picture that affects the overall look of the ring. Here are a few things to consider:

● Would you and your spouse want matching wedding bands? If so, it might make sense to browse stores together to find something you both like.

● Choose a metal. For the wedding band, you can choose among various types of metals like gold, platinum, yellow gold, etc. and even combinations of these.

● Choose the gemstones. Who said wedding rings should only have diamonds? You can also use other gemstones such as emeralds or rubies.

● Choose the cut and other details. What shape do you want the gemstone in? Do you want a plain band around it or a decorative one?

● Ensure the authenticity of the gemstones. Most reputed jewelers provide an authenticity certificate while buying rings with gemstones on them.



Buying an engagement or wedding ring has a lot of advantages that a brick-and-mortar store just can’t offer. Rely on well-known jewelers that offer guarantees and return policies to keep your expense safely insured.


Wedding rings aren’t just another impulse buy, so browse through multiple websites, verify the authenticity of the materials, check the size, shape, cut, etc. and be sure to order the wedding rings well in advance so that you receive them before the wedding day. Enjoy your special day!

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