Unique Ways To Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Unique Ways To Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Aug 24, 2021, 7:10:16 PM Life and Styles

Is your bathroom feeling slightly dull? Well, we have a few solutions for you! These things don’t require much of an investment, but can make your bathroom feel like a completely different place. From wall art prints to painting your floor tiles, get ready to fall in love with your bathroom again!

Add A Splash of Colour

The first thing you can do to brighten up your bathroom is go in with a splash of colour on one of the walls! Choose a bright feature wall colour, like a yellow, orange or blue, and paint one of the smaller walls in the bathroom this colour. It will instantly transform the room and you can compliment the wall colour with the towels and bath mats. This is the easiest way to dramatically add colour to the space without spending a fortune!

Use Wall Prints

For a slightly more subtle transformation, choose wall art prints. If you have an open space on one of the walls, adding wall art is an affordable way to put your own stamp on the bathroom. Choose something bright like botanical wall art, bringing life and colour into the space. You could also use wall art prints as well as the feature wall, choosing prints with a splash of the same colour to tie the room together really nicely. 

Wall prints are also easily interchangeable, so you can change the mood of the bathroom season after season!

Add Plants


Another way you can brighten up your bathroom is with plants. A room can feel completely different when you add a plant, really helping to bring it to life. Plus, plants usually thrive in bathrooms, as many of them love humid environments.

Pilea peperomioides, golden pothos, aloe vera and snake plants all work particularly well in bathrooms, so choosing one of these is the best way forward! House plants are getting more and more popular, for good reason, so jump on the trend and make use of this decorating staple. 

Paint Floor Tiles

A more dramatic bathroom transformation to add some brightness would be painting your floor tiles! You can buy specialist tile paint at most hard wear shops, so you can completely revamp your bathroom without having to spend a fortune on new tiles. You could go for a simple white to brighten up the space or go in with a bright colour. For something in between, go in with a natural colour and then you can use tile stencils to create your desired effect. 

Final Thoughts

Brightening up your bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune! From adding a plant to unique wall prints, these small swaps can transform your bathroom, no matter how big or small it is. A few simple changes can make such a big difference, so take the leap and prepare to fall in love with your bathroom again.

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