What you need to know when you go fishing in Madeira

What you need to know when you go fishing in Madeira

Aug 6, 2021, 8:02:33 PM Life and Styles

Madeira is undoubtedly one of the best places to go fishing. It’s located, say, about 500km off Morocco. The Portuguese Island features blue Marlin fishing. Simply put, Madeira fishing is grand. 

But what makes fishing in Madeira great? If it’s your first time, you’ll enjoy the big game. From Bluefish to Bigeye Tuna, you’ve incredible sizes here to behold. And the beauty is that you don’t have to travel far to get them. 

The types o fishing in Madeira


The world’s top anglers are drawn by big game fishing in Madeira, with the seafloor dropping vertically from the beach to bedrock; thus, you can catch Bluewater species not far from the land. You’ve species like Bluefin, Albacore, Bigeye Tuna, Longbill spearfish, Mahi-mahi, and Wahoo, among others which show up throughout the year. Going fishing in this area any time of the year is just perfect. The peak billfish season is May to October; from September, you show up at the shore of Madeira, and you’ll enjoy the big game.

Even during the winter, you can catch some other big game like Wahoo and Albacore. Any time is an excellent time to fish offshore in Madeira. 


You can reel snappers any time of the month, and therefore there’s no bad time to fish. Amberjack is common and sometimes hit incredible sizes on the island deep-water reefs. Groupers are also around too, though not as common as snappers. If you are looking forward to adding sole extra fight to your day, then the monster Bluefish hunt is a great trial on the rocky nearshore waters. 

From shore

Are you interested in a variety of fish sizes? A great way to bag a variety of fish is by fishing from shore in Madeira. You have an experience of catching the ‘proud’ barracuda ad Bluefish from shore in so many spots alongside wonderful and weird species like Ornate Wrasse and Canary Damselfish. And if you’re fishing at Madeira’s North shore, you need to watch out for the high swells and winds battering the island almost every time all round the year. 

Fishing techniques you need in Madeira

Fishing in Madeira is almost exclusively on trolling. The most popular tactic here is fast-trolling, and this allows you to cover more ground as you hunt for big fish. You will commonly see kites that fly above bigger boats, especially when you’re targeting the big Tuna. 

Are you up for something thrilling? A few specialist charter companies offer everything from spinning and popping for monster Bluefish to saltwater fly-fishing. But on the bottom fishing trips, you won’t find much finesse. Not the experience you will have with the snapper and amberjack. When going for from shore fishing in Madeira, walk to the local fish market for some bait and if you’re used to artificial baits, take care of the Pufferfish, which could take a chunk out of anything coming their way. 

When going to Madeira for a fishing expedition, it’s good you know that the prices will vary greatly depending on the angling you are after. Spending half a day on the shores could bag you a ton of tasty fish. Get a reputable charter if you want to enjoy a big game catch at Madeira.

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