Instagram Verification Offers Big Benefits For Doctors: Here’s How

Instagram Verification Offers Big Benefits For Doctors: Here’s How

Sep 17, 2021, 2:54:11 PM Tech and Science

Doctors are in high demand on Instagram, and for a good reason. Their Instagram accounts educate people and help spread awareness. Instagram is an excellent way to connect with patients and communities. The verification badge reassures the audience that the account belongs to a certified and notable medical practitioner. So, if you are a doctor and wondering how to get the Instagram blue check, approach a reputable digital PR agency. A professional company can help you improve your account to qualify for Instagram verification.


The verification checkmark is vital for doctors and offers many benefits such as:


Builds Trust


There are multiple sources of information on the internet, and not all of them are reliable or accurate. The blue tick is a big differentiator between accounts that merely broadcast information and a verified trusted source. Instagram verification instantly bolsters the credibility of posts and comments. When a verified doctor shares a post on Instagram, it is likely to be read and broadcasted by many users on the platform.


Enhances Patient Comfort


Social media enhances the connection between doctors and patients. It makes doctors more approachable and human. Prospective patients are more comfortable and less apprehensive when they book a consultation with a doctor they ‘know’ - even if it is through social media. The additional credibility that the blue tick gives assures the patients and helps them understand their doctor’s approach to treatment even before they have met.


Better Reach


Instagram expands the reach and visibility of the doctor. A single post or story from a verified account is more likely to be shared by patients. People would be less hesitant to share information that they know is from a reliable source. When a doctor has a blue tick next to their profile name, their posts reach more potential patients and spread beyond their community. Some doctors are so popular on Instagram that they have a global following of people who aspire to consult with them someday.


Spreads Awareness


Despite access to the internet, there is still a lack of knowledge among the general public on vital health-related information. Doctors posting on social media perform a tremendous public service by making medical information accessible. People would be wary of information published from an unverified account. The blue tick indicates that the information is from a qualified medical professional and reliable.


Combats Misinformation


It is easy to create an account and start posting without feeling the need to verify the Instagram account. Unfortunately, quick and easy access has created a wave of misinformation. When doctors go the extra mile to verify their Instagram accounts, they automatically become credible information sources. Verification gives them more visibility than unverified accounts. People will trust this information and take it more seriously than a random post coming from an unverified account. When the idea of how to get Instagram verification strikes, prove that you are a qualified medical professional and that your account is legitimate.


Brand Building


Creating a strong and trusted image both online and offline is essential for a medical professional. When exploring how to get an Instagram blue check, consider working with a good digital PR agency.


If you are a doctor with little or no knowledge of social media, leaving your Instagram account verification to a professional is the best solution. Contact a reliable digital PR agency and find out how to get verified on Instagram and gain enormous benefits.



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