A girl in tainted dress

A girl in tainted dress

Jan 20, 2017, 1:39:33 AM Creative


It was not the usual summer evenings. It was gloomy and skies painted with thick dark clouds. The roads seamlessly wet in patches amidst rainy noon. I walked down the street to the bus stop when I first caught her glimpse. I saw her standing outside a dim lighted restaurant less visited .There was something about her that caught my eyes . She looked strange yet something that caught my eyes .Oh! Yes. It was her face . A face that shined bright under her curls and the glittery makeup that surfaced her skin beneath her long slit tainted dress.

Holding a branded bag with a high heels on her long sleek feet ,she stood  facing me leaning to the pole  that stood adjacent the restaurant door hiding her charming face as trespassers sighted her.


A voice inside me wished to speak to her then and there. It felt like the time stood still as she gave an eye contact towards me. Her drooling eyes spoke of sleepless nights – of pain that went unnoticed, her smile that covered the scars unhealed, her hidden fears and screams with several stories to unfold. She smiled at me giving a glance as if wanted to talk to me.

I  visualized her walking towards me in a beautiful gown , talking to me and holding me in the waltz-O- romance under the beaming moonlight ; I picturesque her face with twinkling eyes smiling and sharing  happiness and  secrets as we walked down the muddy beach.

It was nevertheless a dream I felt running my veins.  I woke up with a  honking horn of the bus that stopped  at the stop where I was seated. I turned around  only to see her with a man in his mid-forty’s  with a long beard stood next to her holding her hands .

I seated myself in the bus holding to a window seat facing her out .The sight of her with him broke my heart into pieces and her  apologetic smile that she blew towards me withered my thoughts even more.

 The bus took a jerk and started off  and sight of her slowly fading off.

A voice from within spoke again, “Its time for me to move on...”


Published by Gayathri V

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