A woman's voice

A woman's voice

Jan 6, 2017, 8:42:14 PM Opinion

- Dr Gayathri Rao
From being a homemaker to fighting a war women have moved
a long way making their own identities across the globe.Women are better off today coming to being
equal in terms with men in most sectors.But what is it that lacks women from rising higher is
 the issues they constantly face over the time from the society, home,work front etc.
Though we deal with the conscience of women empowerment today, we do lack the knowledge of acknowledging the true essence of it and most importantly we lack the understanding of safety issues a woman faces ,the atmosphere she works in or the pressures of the peers which demoralizes making her
 feel disrespectful.

If one needs to empower women they also need to empower her on the grounds of
safety, her freedom of desires and speech ( most of them do not complain about wrong deeds that
are done for the fear of harrasment )
,courage to deal with shaming/disrespect rather than making
her feel ashamed.
Apart people should be taught the morale of dealing with a woman in a righteous way.

Women have the courage and wings to fly high. Nurture her, encourage her, because there is no force equal to a woman who is determined to rise !

Published by Gayathri V

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