The Universal powers

The Universal powers

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By Dr Gayathri Rao

Being born as a human is  preached as an eternal  bliss to a soul on this God’s on bestowed Universe”

Living life of human itself marks a sense of  gratitude  and dignity and a purpose of serving  it with peace , harmony  and inner consciousness.

In this process of invoking inner conscious , two powerful  eternities came into existence that formed a strong medium  to connect beyond universe and  bond  abode with God  with penance and long chants  which  we term as YOGA AND MEDITATION .

Yoga means a well being with physical , mental and spiritual discipline that helped in maintaining a balanced life  amidst  obstacles .

Meditation means a self invoking  of inner consciousness  by offering prayers and chants  that often had a universal aura – OM  or AUM .

Yoga and meditation  forms the two eternal Universal powers  ever known since ancient times . It eventually  became  a communicating medium  for close essence of being with  God  as well to maintain an inner sense of well being  and peace .

It served a purpose of longetivity  with a healthier life , peace and satisfaction  with oneself  in all  circumstances .

Importance :

The world we live in at present  serves purpose of  winning strategies ,  success and comfort living  in a contemplated  environment  with 95%  pressure , 4% of devotion and 1% of satisfaction.

Yoga and meditation fills  in the space with enlightenment  and a spiritual front  .

Yoga :

  1. Helps in maintaining a spiritual harmony and a physical and mental balance.
  2. Relieves stress
  3. A strong barrier for all  aliments and a foundation for cure  of  diseases
  4. A state of well being  with good mental strength and confidence
  5. Maintains  physique  in  natures way .
  6. Serves all the purposes a modern  gym cannot  .
  7. Rejuvenates  your body , increases longitivity .


1.invokes  inner strength and energy

2. Increases memory and concentration

3. Serves a hale and healthier life

4.peace of mind .

5. marks a medium  / a sense of feeling being closer to God .

6. a  sense of satisfaction  and being contended

My notation :-

As any other being of this perpectual world , I too was bound with a comfort life  of stress and work  without much ado . Things never imbibed into me nor interested me as a kid  until one day when ,I learnt the importance of Meditation and Yoga  all my way . It was then  life did eventually change on .  It gave me an edge to fight against odd’s , a  feel of  being content  and  of satisfaction  with much peace of mind .

Even  a  melodious tune of OM into my ears  soothens  a days tiresome   mask  .

finally , with all my little experience though   is my quote for all :

“ What  a materialistic  world cannot give you , the universal powers of Yoga and Meditation shall bestow  you .”

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