A Sacred Remembrance

As I was studying for this post in 2Chronicles 35 and also finishing up my Precepts lesson in 1Cor 11  it came to me how much these two passages are so very similar. Josiah was transformed by the renewing of his mind. As we study to show ourselves approved unto God we too are being transformed. Josiah took a self-examination test and found himself and the nation wanting. When that happened, God’s Word and the Law became not just words but a guide for his life and the nation. The Corinthians were in the process of being transformed as well by heeding the words passed on to them via the Apostle Paul as to life as a new believer.

The children of Israel were commanded to celebrate the Passover once a year to commemorate their deliverance from slavery. Christ did not say to observe the Lord’s Supper on a certain day but “as oft as you do it.” The day before Pesach (Passover) is a day of remembrance.  The Lord’s Supper day is too a day of remembrance of the price Christ paid for our deliverance from sin.  That is why we are urged to do a self-examination prior to partaking of it lest we take it unworthily. It is a sacred remembrance.  Both commemorate a deliverance, Passover --from Egyptian slavery and Communion—Christ’s deliverance from our sins purchased by His broken body and blood. The Israelites were to not forget to do it and Jesus reminded the disciples to not forget to do this.

Whenever your church celebrates the Lord’s Supper stop and consider the price paid for your deliverance. May you see it as a day of remembrance and a sacred ordinance.

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