All In or Half & Half?

All In or Half & Half?

Jun 13, 2017, 6:40:07 PM Religion

I love my cup of java early in the morning. I sit with Jesus, my Bible, notebook and a cup of coffee. My coffee tastes even better with the creamer I add giving it a taste of sweetness because it disguises that bitter taste.  Perhaps that is you as well.  A couple of days ago I was enjoying my cup of coffee and found my mind focused in 1Peter where I have been for about a month now and only in the first chapter. Peter is speaking to my heart and it is my hope that He will be speaking to yours as well. Peter is counseling, giving advice, directing his words to a group of Christian believers who are stuck somewhere between a rock and a hard place. They are "all in but hanging on" for dear life as they face suffering. What keeps them going are the words of Peter saying stay true to the One who paid the price for you! Remember you were chosen by the foreknowledge of God, sanctified by the Spirit FOR obedience to Jesus Christ whose blood was shed for you.

If you want His protection as you weather the storms of life you must determine to trust God whose heavenly armies and love have reached down to protect you. You have a choice because you just might end up being like the half & half; tasting sweet but disappearing into the coffee generation all around you. Remember King Amaziah of 2Chronicles 25? If not, go and read that story. He was like the half & half creamer we put into our coffee. He wanted God's protection but his fear of the enemy was greater than the  Word of God or His power. Peter is saying to these first-century believers and to you and I that even though “God is capable of helping or defeating,” as the man of God told King Amaziah, He won’t do it for those who are like half & half. God wants us all in so He gets the glory not us.

So where are you today? Are you all or just half & half? Are you willing to trust in God the maker of heaven and earth who can calm the wind and waves and your storm?

Published by Gaye Austin

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