Candid Camera Week

1Peter 3  Candid Camera was a TV show which often caught people in the various acts set up to catch their reactions. When revealed there were howls of laughter at being spoofed but in real life, we are all on Candid Camera to the world and our character and our attitudes are being revealed. If caught what would it see?

Does it see “one who wants to love life and see good days? Does it see a tongue that spews forth slander and deceit?” Peter reminded the believers under trial that they were to get rid of these last behaviors. Jesus reminded his followers that what spews forth from our mouths either edifies or defiles. If the camera took your picture what would it reveal?

Again we are to seek peace.  “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all people.[Rom 12:18] We are not only to seek peace but to pursue it. We are to be actively running swiftly towards it and not let anything deter us from that goal. How do we do that? We must “turn away from” and “turn toward” the good that is offered as a solution. However, in our humanness, we either avoid conflict or engage it. The question is do we engage it by doing good? Turning from is the harder choice but it is what we are “set apart” to do. It is part of our obedience to the sprinkling of Christ’s blood.

If caught on God’s camera what would it see?

Photo Credit: Kit Junglit/Unsplash + Author's Caption 

Published by Gaye Austin


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