“Children are God’s Treasure”

“Children are God’s Treasure”

Throughout scripture, we are reminded over and over about the preciousness of children; they are God’s treasure whether in the womb or out.  They are our heritage, our legacy and they are to be loved and protected. The disciples needed a lesson in greatness and Jesus chose not one of them or even John the Baptist but a child. Jesus wanted them to see children through his eyes. See them as God sees them with their abundant energy, pure faith, and unconditional love.  God in eternity past beautifully crafted each one to be in His image. He alone sees our heart and theirs.  

God looks for those who, like a child, will come willingly and with great faith. As Jesus looked about he said each child is like the lost sheep which need tending. You must not be like the unforgiving slave.  Instead, you are to be the teachers of what it means to be forgiven and to forgive.

With privilege comes responsibility and if we, like the disciples, are seeking greatness we should remember this warning: If you even consider causing one of these little ones to err into sin or disdain one of them, you are in grave danger. It would be better to have a millstone about one’s neck and drown because God in heaven sees and knows about their faith and he is not willing that one of these little ones be lost.

Take a moment today and observe the children around you; consider serving children in some capacity. 

Published by Gaye Austin

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