The 6th Annual African Diaspora Awards: Celebrating the Achievements of Africans

The Honorees

They Inspire. They Motivate. They Break New Ground.

From global community service to innovative initiatives; literary accomplishments to mass media presence, interwoven with musical geniuses, Applause Africa’s African Diaspora Awards celebrates the accomplishments of each honoree for their outstanding achievements and contributions to our global community.

On a chilly evening in early December, I left my cozy tiny space in Brooklyn, New York to join my good friend, one of the founders of the music genre Hiplife , Legendary DJ Producer Rab Bakari, and attend the 2016 African Diaspora Awards in Manhattan. I had never attended so I was not sure what to expect. However, when a true Renaissance Man like Rab says you should attend an event, you attend the event.     


The event was held at the Florence Gould Hall in Manhattan, New York City. With early arrival, each guest experienced the red carpet and cocktail hour followed by the main event. As we transitioned to the auditorium for the main event, the event host, the infamous Comedian, Dulo, welcomed us. After complimenting the audience on their attire, a mixture of style and elegance that showcased classic European looks as well as African-Inspired fabrics and designs; he quickly captivated the audience with his high-energy punch lines and hilarious stories throughout the program.

Side Note: If you are not following Dulo on Instagram for a daily dose of his African Fada shenanigans, you are depriving yourself. Don’t you like to laugh?


Five Highlights that Made the ADA A Bit Magical

Each person honored was undoubtedly deserving of his or her honor. However, I had my favorite moments throughout the show.

1) When the Award Presenters for Advocate of the Year Award Made Us Shout Laugh

2) When the Person of the Year Award is nothing but Luvvable

3) Because the Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient was the Wisest Person in the Building

4) Owen Says, "A Talking Drum Player Must Introduce Me"

5) Sarkodie! What Else?


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