Dec 3, 2016, 1:11:10 AM Creative

the sun is rapidly rising, as if waking up too slow will make the moon change its mind, take the sun’s place and set in the sky again

cars are moving faster, as are my footsteps, one foot after the other as if they’re racing each other, thumping loudly against the pavement

now I’m running

loved ones and their smiles become brighter, their whole presence illuminating the room

the grass becomes greener and the atmosphere more lively, everyone around me no longer just background scenery for my life

it’s as if the sun decided to shine onto the entire world, like a spotlight on a play’s leading actress 

as second after fleeting second goes by, grain after grain adding to the pile of sand in the hourglass, I hastily grab the things I adore, the people I care for

I take in my surroundings and cherish it all so dearly because one moment I am here and the next I am not.

at least to me, life is like an hourglass.

Published by Gaylene Diaz


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